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The content of history course including the past causes obstacles or challenges while teaching history and developing positive attitudes towards the course if correct strategies are not followed. Considering education, this is an undesired situation. Moreover, history courses are occupied with human beings’ past, so people’s knowing their past while shaping their future has relatively great importance. This research aimed at studying the factors that led the individuals to like /be interested in history after high school education. Thus, the study offered the following opportunities to be detected: the study revealed the reasons/mistakes that led individuals not to like /be interested in history and thus making contribution to the literature in order not to repeat them and whether or not the factors that led individuals to like /get interested in history after high school education overlapped with the contemporary outcome processes. The research was carried out with qualitative research method and case study. The semi-structured interview developed by the researcher was administered to 12 people who volunteered to participate in the study in Turkey. The data obtained were analysed via descriptive analysis method. Therefore, the participants’ problems involved teaching history courses through traditional teacher-centred methods and as solutions, it was suggested that the popular sources which students are frequently exposed to should be included more in the learning process and student-centred methods should be used in history courses during the teaching of history. Especially, historical productions like historical films/dramas, documentaries, internet-assisted applications like social media and other opportunities offered by the technology were presented as suggestions during the processes of developing positive attitudes towards history and also for a better teaching of history.


History, loving history, problem in history teaching, effective history education.


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