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The aim of this study is to investigate the obstacles in front of female teachers in our country in the context of glass ceiling syndrome. This research has been conducted on sequential explorer pattern which is one of the mixed method research patterns. Qualitative data of the study were collected by semi-structured interviews with 41 female teachers working in private and public schools chosen by using snow ball method. The sample of the quantitative section consists of 549 female teachers who work in different types of institutions in the 2017-2018 academic year and participated in the study online. The quantitative data of the study were obtained from Glass Ceiling Syndrome Questionnaire, which is improved by the researchers. Content analysis method was used for analysis of qualitative data and nonparametric statistical analysis methods were used for analysis of quantitative data. The main results of the qualitative research are as follows: it is possible to rank the glass ceiling barriers of women teachers as individual, organizational and social. The quantitative analysis revealed that the opinions stated differed significantly according to the demographic variable of the female teachers (age, seniority, institution type, marital status etc.). Women teachers working with a female manager in their schools have positive ideas about their future careers. Female teachers, who are both mothers and spouses, find it difficult to build a career for themselves. Also, the responses of female teachers working in public schools and female teachers working in private schools are quite different from each other. Teachers in the private school have a stronger desire to become a manager than teachers in a public school.


Glass Ceiling Syndrome, Female Teachers, Female Managers, Career Barriers, Organizational Barriers.


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