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The aim of this research is to examine the reasons for graduate education in the field of primary school teaching. Primary school teacher is an important work in terms of examining the reasons for making a master's degree in science. The research was carried out by means of phenomenology from qualitative research methods. Appropriate sampling method was used in the selection of participants. The participants of the research were 19 people who applied to the graduate program of Yozgat Bozok University Institute of Social Sciences Basic Education Department, Primary School Education Program in August 2017. The semi-structured interview form developed by the researcher was used as data collection tool. The data were collected in August 2017 with a semi-structured interview form prepared by the researcher. The interviews were recorded on the voice recorder with permission from the participants. Interviews were held in the researcher's office. Thematic analysis was used to analyze the data. The interviews recorded on the voice recorder were written by the researcher in computer environment. As a result of the reliability formula of the analysis of interview data, reliability = .87. As a result of the research, two themes have been reached. The second was "academic career" and the second was "personal development". Suggestions were made within the scope of the research results.


Primary school teacher, graduate program, reason.


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