The aim of this research was to present the views of pre-service history teachers about the National Struggle, which has an important place in the history of the Turkish Republic and secondary education history curriculum. The National Struggle subject is in the second unit of the History of Turkish Revolution and Atatürkism curriculum, and it accounts for 25% of the lesson together with the function numbers and the allotted time. This figure gives a very important clue in terms of grasping the significance of the National Struggle subject and its place in the lesson. This lesson is given by history teachers in the secondary education. Thus, knowing the perceptions and attitudes of history teachers towards the subject will be very effective in achieving the objectives of the course and the expected learning outcomes. Also the time period we are in is the centenary of the National Struggle, it increases the importance of the research. In this study, easily accessible situation sampling method was used. The study group of the research included 11 pre-service history teachers. The data were collected with a structured interview form consisting of open-ended questions prepared in accordance with the purpose. After the findings were obtained, they were read several times and analyzed by summarizing and interpreting them using the content analysis method. Based on the findings, the participants saw the National Struggle as a war of independence against the imperialist forces occupying the homeland. More than half of the participants said that history teachers and history textbooks influenced their feelings and thoughts on the subject. Pre-service history teachers read most novels and watched documentaries among the works related to the National Struggle. While Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was expressed as the hero of the National Struggle by all the participants, regional heroes were also mentioned. In addition, more than half of the participants talked about female heroes. As a result of the research, it was realized that pre-service history teachers evaluated history as a whole. Moreover, it was observed that there were many components in history education including out-of-school and in-school.


the National Struggle, Turkish Revolution History, History Education, Pre-service Teacher