This study deals with the perceptions of the fourth grade students about the value of sensitivity. In this study it is appropriated the phenomenological approach which is one the method of qualitative research design. The participants of the study are 135 fourth grade students. The data of the study are collected through written statements of the students. The data are analysed through inductive content analysis. As a result of the analysis of the qualitative data, the data are grouped under four themes: meaning the participants attached to the value of sensitivity, their description about the scope of this value, their examples about this value and their suggestions to improve such acts. The findings of the study showed that the students are aware of the meaning and importance of the value of sensitivity. The students explained the value of sensitivity as not being unresponsive to what is happening around, being sensitive, helping those who need help, being united against various rights and claiming rights and using resources correctly. In addition, it is observed that the students explained the value of sensitivity by associating it with other values such as respect, benevolence, tolerance and approaching the others with empathy. The students expressed that sensitivity should be given to the elderly, homeless, disabled, children and friends. In addition, the students stated that sensitivity should be shown to the protection of stray animals and endangered animals and to raise awareness. Some of the explanations of the participants concerning the sensitive behaviors are found to be related to environment: keeping the environment clean, not throwing garbage to places, collecting waste oil in waste oil collectors in schools and collecting waste batteries in waste areas. As suggestions for sensitive behavior, the participants stated the following: making projects to use resources consciously, putting food and water for animals, flowering and planting trees around the school or around the house and making educational club activities to raise awareness about being sensitive at school. It can be said that the awareness of the students is high about the fact that individuals should be sensitive to the environment, nature and people which is their main duty and responsibility.


Elementary School Students, Document Analysis, Value of Sensitivity, Values Education, ─░nductive Content Analysis