Case study, one of the qualitative research methods, was used in this study which aims to learn the opinions of Turkish Language teacher candidates on teaching practice in the process of distance education by using reflective journals, The research was conducted with 14 students who were studying in the department of Turkish language education at the Muallim Rıfat Faculty of Education in Kilis 7 Aralık University through 2020-2021 educational year, data collection tool of the study included 10 semi structured interview questions which were prepared by the researcher. 3 Turkish language education experts were consulted regarding the interview questions and the final forms of the questions were prepared. The interview questions were given to the students weekly and they were asked to write their opinions about the topic onto the journals. After 10 weeks, the journals were collected, and data was studied through content analysis and then, the codes were prepared. Based on the data which was collected from teacher candidates, the categories were created and displayed in tables about positive opinions regarding that theoretical knowledge and practices coincide, negative opinions regarding that theoretical knowledge and practices don’t coincide, positive opinions regarding student profiles, negative opinions regarding student profiles, opinions on occupational competence of teacher candidates, students’ opinions on controllability of emotions, students’ opinions on that teaching application should be face-to-face, students’ opinions on that distance education restricts ınteraction between student and teacher, students’ opinions on that different teaching methods and techniques cannot be applied, students’ opinions on the contribution of practice teachers ınto occupational development and students’ opinions on their peers’ academical competence. In the study, it was concluded that teacher candidates considered themselves and their peers academically sufficient, distance education period restricted the use of various methods and techniques, it restricted the teacher-student interaction, it enabled practice teachers to improve themselves in terms of their occupation and teaching practice should be face-to-face rather than distance.


Distance education, teaching practice, journal, reflective journal.