The topic of artificial intelligence and its applications has become the focus of all fields. Artificial intelligence models like ChatGPT developed by companies such as OpenAI have garnered significant attention and can serve as examples of usage in various areas. This indicates that artificial intelligence is now a topic that can be encountered in every field today. Just as in all areas, it has also attracted interest in the field of education, leading to relevant studies. The use of artificial intelligence in education and its impact on education have the subject of many studies both domestically and internationally. In the context of the social studies course, which is where individuals are prepared for societal life by acquiring all the necessary skills, the topic of artificial intelligence is significant. The purpose of this study is to theoretically highlight the necessity of artificial intelligence in social studies courses. For this purpose, the questions "What is the development and use of artificial intelligence in education?" "What are the advantages and disadvantages of using artificial intelligence in education?" "What is the relationship between social studies and artificial intelligence?" were answered. As a result, since social studies is a course compatible with technological applications in terms of rich subject diversity and the use of technological tools, this course can be taught more easily with artificial intelligence. In this context, the use of future technologies such as artificial intelligence in the field of social studies can help future individuals to better adapt to the world of tomorrow.


Social studies, artificial intelligence, education, technology.