This research aims to evaluate the music-related reading and music listening habits of the students studying in the Faculty of Education, Fine Arts Education, Music Education Department in terms of class and gender variables. The descriptive survey model was used in the study, and its sample group consisted of 70 volunteer students studying at Şanlıurfa Harran University, Faculty of Education, Department of Fine Arts Education, Department of Music Education in the 2021-2022 academic year. Questionnaire form was used as data collection tool. SPSS program was used to analyze the data, frequencies and percentages were calculated, and the data obtained were presented in tables. Along with the frequency and percentage calculations of the data obtained from the five-point Likert-type questions, their arithmetic means were calculated and tabulated. The results show that female students' out-of-field reading habits are higher than male students, and male students' field-related reading habits are higher than female students. Students mostly prefer “music textbooks” as a type of book. The weekly field-related reading time of the students does not differ in terms of gender, and it is limited to an average of 2 hours. The study shows that the students mostly get the books related to their field from the internet or by purchasing them, and it does not differ according to gender. In addition, students' reading habits are negatively affected due to the intensity of their course schedule, economic factors, and lack of motivation. The results show that the music listening habits of the students are generally high, and do not differ according to the gender variable. The students prefer Turkish Folk Music, pop music, and Turkish Classical Music genres. The female students mostly prefer pop music, and the male students prefer Turkish Folk Music.


Music Teacher Candidate, Reading Habit, Music Listening Habit